Hocheck winter toboggan run

Only TÜV approved toboggan run in Germany

"Very good" award from the ADAC toboggan run test 2012

The Oberaudorf-Hocheck winter toboggan run has been specially planned and built for tobogganing. Dangerous hiking up the route is banned here. Instead there is a separate signposted path for getting to the top or you can easily get to the start using the 4-seater chairlift. The Oberaudorf-Hocheck toboggan run is the only TÜV-approved winter toboggan run in Germany and was awarded "very good" (the best possible grade) by the ADAC toboggan run test in 2012.

Information about the toboggan run - Oberaudorf Hocheck

Start: directly behind the mountain restaurant Hocheck, approx. 200 metres away from the mountain station of the 4-seater chair lift

Length of run: nearly 3 km

Number of corners: 25

Lighting facilities: 35 pylons for floodlighting

Max. gradient: 24%

Toboggan rental: at the bottom station of the Hockeck chair lift, 7 different types with two runners and rope, in total approx. 300 toboggans; possible to return them after shop has closed. Reservations under +49-(0)8033-303635.

Lighting: the toboggan run is floodlit daily until midnight (0.00 hours). Every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday you can use the 4-seater chair lift to get up the mountain (providing weather conditions are suitable).

Run closed: the toboggan run is closed every night between midnight and 8 a.m. (0.00-08.00 hours) to prepare the run. Other closures may be necessary due to lack of snow or very bad ice on the run depending on the ski patrol and local authorities.

Up-to-date information is available on the internet under www.hocheck.com with a live webcam.

Please note: the conditions for any natural toboggan run are dependent on several factors such as snow conditions, daily weather, number of tobogganists as well as the time of day. Decisive for tobogganing pleasure on any natural toboggan run are suitable toboggan material, adhering to the behavioural and notice boards as well as the respective ability of the tobogganists themselves.

General information:

The winter toboggan run has been checked and approved by an independent engineer from Tüv Süd GmbH. Regular checks are carried out.

The run can be covered in artificial snow and is completely floodlit. The winter toboggan run is prepared every night by machines. To do this an extra agile, powerful pistenbully was bought which is used with a corresponding chain profile.

A significant contribution to safety is the complete ban on hiking up the winter toboggan run. To get to the start of the winter toboggan run you can either hike up via a separate, clearly signposted mountain path (Hocheck Fahrstraße) or take the comfortable and easy way up with the detachable 4-seater chairlift. Only 2 tobogganists will be transported per chair so that the toboggans can be laid on the seats.

Using the winter toboggan run from Hocheck to Oberaudorf is free of charge and is at your own risk. No liability will be accepted by the owner and operator for any accidents or damage caused.