FIS track rules

So that every cross-country skier has fun on our tracks doing lovely cross-country, please adhere to the following FIS rules.

FIS rules of behaviour for cross-country skiers

1. Be considerate towards others

Each cross-country skier has to behave such that he or she doesn't endanger or injure others.

2. Signposting, cross-country direction and technique

Lines and signposts (notice signs) must be observed. You have to ski in the marked direction and use the cross-country technique.

3. Choose the track

On double and multi-track tracks you must ski in the right-hand lane. Cross-country skiers in groups have to ski behind each other in a line. With free technique you must ski on the right.

4. Overtaking

You may overtake on the right or the left. The skier in front doesn't have to move to one side. But he or she should move to one side when it is safe to do so.

5. Oncoming traffic

If you meet anyone, everyone has to move over to the right. The skier coming downhill has priority.

6. Holding the poles

When you overtake, are overtaken and if you meet someone then please hold the poles close to your body.

7. Adjust your speed to the conditions

Every skier has to, especially on stretches with gradients; adjust his or her speed and behaviour according to his or her ability, the terrain conditions, and the density of traffic and according to visibility. You have to keep a safe distance from the skier in front of you. If necessary you should fall over to avoid a collision.

8. Keep the track clear

If you stop then move off the track. A cross-country skier who has fallen over must clear the track as quickly as possible.

9. Help

Everyone is obliged to help in case of an accident.

10. Proof of Identity

Everyone, whether a witness or someone involved, whether responsible or not, must give his or her details in the case of an accident.