Winter enjoyment in Oberaudorf

Winter time in Oberaudorf: peace, tranquillity, sporty challenges - everything is possible. Snow and ice turn our nature into a magical landscape; the warm lights from candles and music create a romantic atmosphere. A soft blanket of snow covers the countryside and puts white hats on the houses.

Icicles are hanging from the drainage pipes; the water from the fountains which is bubbling in the summer has changed into bizarre sculptures.

Accordions and zither music can be heard softly through the window. The family are playing music at home. The church bells are making a soft, harmonious sound. Just before Christmas it's here: the "quiet" period, as they say in Upper Bavaria. Time for some homeliness and warm-hearted hospitality. The trees and facades are decorated with lights.

Simply switch off, recharge your batteries and experience the winter atmosphere.

The blanket of snow covers everyday life. It smells of candles, baked apples and mulled wine. The lights are shining, soft music and a warming oven. Enjoy the peace again with all your senses.

Christmas Market Oberaudorf: the smell of hot chestnuts, special Christmas gingerbread, mulled wine and punch surrounds the small snow-covered stands. Oberaudorf's town centre becomes the Christmas Market on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Saturdays of Advent. There are lots of traditional crafts too look at and a pre-Christmas programme.