Grafenloch - hiking path to the caves

What a knightly castle in a cave looked like in the High and Late Middle Ages can be seen from the impressive remains of the walls of the Grafenloch.

Thanks to archaeological investigations in 2008, the importance of the Höhlenburg Grafenloch was recognised as a fortress from the 10th to early 13th century. The spectacular location in a vertical rock face always enchants each and every visitor.

On the way to Grafenloch the Audorfer Höhlenweg (cave path) offers three other interesting cave-like places which are well worth a visit.

  • Audorfer Museum in the Castle Gate
  • Ponor cave below the Schlossberg
  • Cave house Weber in the rock face

You can start the cave hiking pather either at the Rathausplatz in Oberaudorf or at the Luegsteinsee. The information boards are only available in German.

Please note that the caves are situated in Alpine terrain and there is a danger of falling. Good footwear and surefootedness are really essential.

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The project: Inntaler Underworld

Men and caves . . . four times different !

The "Inntaler Underworld" offers an exciting experience of four very different caves very close by - between Bavaria and Tyrol: the Wendelsteinhöhle, Grafenloch, Tischoferhöhle and Hundalm Eishöhle.

Each of the four caves leads the visitor to another interesting way to appreciate nature and the human cultural history in the millenial interplay between humans and caves.

The four individual places of the "Inntaler Underground" complement each other to form one unique total concept of national importance and offer deep insights into the Underground World.

Each cave, each path and every culinary offering is an experience in itself and for the whole family! Enjoy yourselves in your own personal cave adventures!

More information about all the caves can be found under