Niederaudorf music band

It's quite amazing that even in small Niederaudorf there are more than 50 musicians to make up a brass band. Since its foundation in 1934 the brass band has been a permanent part of the village community. Young and old play music in good company often even father and son. The patter of tiny feet has also been taken care of.

At the Josefi concert the musicians give us a taste of what they can do, from classical to modern. Anyone who loves a beautiful atmosphere and great music then the highlight is definitely the festival in the monastery garden of the Karmelitenkloster Reisachs in the Audorfer event calendar. For active musicians the musician’s year means numerous performances throughout the year at concerts, at the Leonhardiritt, at traditional costume festivals and jubilee events.

During the summer the Niederaudorf music band gives weekly concerts in the Niederaudorf music pavilion. Current dates can be found in the events calendar.

The Niederaudorf's music band website can be found here: