Culture and customs


Modern times and looking after traditions isn't a contradiction for us. We live and love both. We are cosmopolitan and invite our guests to: Hock di zuaba! (come and sit down with us!)

Down to earth

There are lots of reasons for us to celebrate: traditional costume parade, the Annafest, Leonhardiritt (horses procession), Kirchweih (patron saint of the church) - there are lots of reasons for us to celebrate. Festivals are an expression of our personal lifestyle. They call us down to earth, something we are proud of.

The local Audorfers look after and protect their tradition and cultural richness. Even for the children traditional costume is an expression of "being at home", music is a sign of enjoyment in life for both young and old, the Volksbühnen (people's theatres) have been a symbol of enjoyment for amateur dramatics for generations.

The guesthouse culture in Oberaudorf is also traditional. It's cosy and hearty, earthy and rustic but always with style.

If you say cheers with a light or dark wheat beer at a guesthouse in the village, then you should always chink the bottom of your glass with another. This is tradition. This is how we do it and invite our guests to join in and celebrate with us.

And if the neighbour on the table next to us raises his glass and comes over to chat to us, then you are right in the centre of beautiful Upper Bavaria. Where stories about life are being told by quiet and hyperactive ones, which may the following day not even be true anymore.