Oberaudorfer Flyer

The dream of flying is as old as humanity itself - the "Oberaudorfer Flyer" has invented a new way of experiencing it again.

On the most modern and safest Flying-Fox run in the Alps in Oberaudorf - anyone can fulfil their dream of being able to fly.

The spectacular adventure starts at the mid-station of the Oberaudorf-Hocheck Bergbahn. To get to the "Start tower" simply take the comfortable 4-seater chairlift up. On the "Start tower" platform you can enjoy the amazing view of the impressive mountain peaks to get you in the mood. After the safety instructions you can put on the comfortable lap belt and move towards the take-off ramp.

The excitement increases and your pulse starts racing - "Ready for take off!". Only hanging from a steel rope you will "fly" at up to 80km/h over a course of about 700 metres over the mountain pastures directly down to the "landing tower" in the valley.

After gentle braking you'll then automatically be pulled to the landing platform. The experience of your own "flight" will be photographed by a camera and the corresponding photo will be sent with your clocked speed free of charge to your smart phone.

The "Oberaudorfer Flyer" is the first flying fox run which was checked according to the strict regulations for "enjoyment rides / flying constructions" and was approved by TÜV safety experts.