Accommodation agreement / terms and conditions

Valid for direct bookings with the host

As always in business life room reservations are also subject to legal regulations. Renting accommodation or reserving rooms are based on the conditions of limited rental contracts (according to German civil code) and are legally binding. In addition the confirmed standard values of the German Hotel and Restaurant Association (DEHOGA) should be observed in its settled case law. In individual cases the following rights and obligations result from that:

1. The accommodation contract is concluded as soon as the accommodation has been booked or confirmed or in case a written confirmation wasn't possible for reasons of time, is made available. Written confirmation is not necessary. A booking by phone is sufficient. However it is recommended to submit a written reservation or at least to ask for written confirmation.

2. The conclusion of an accommodation contracts obliges both parties to fulfil the contract regardless of how long the contract has been concluded for.

3. The host is obliged to pay compensation if the room is not available. This could for example be cost for a taxi to an alternative accommodation and the difference to a higher priced accommodation there. The guest is not obliged to stay in a lower category.

4. The guest is obliged to pay the agreed or company normal price for the contractually agreed services deducting the expenses saved by the host for any accommodation which is not used. The valid cancellation conditions and any differentiation to the above named clause should be clarified directly with the corresponding local authorities or the host.

5. The host is obliged to act in good faith and to let rooms which are not taken otherwise to avoid losses. Until the accommodation has been let otherwise the guest has to pay the calculated amount for the duration of the contract according to clause 4.

6. The court of jurisdiction is usually the place of the accommodation, as in the case of the accommodation not being used the payments from the accommodation agreement need to paid at the host's location.

7. The host has a right to cash payment for all services before departure and accordingly a legal lien to the things brought in by the guest.

Accommodation search

Our accommodation list gives you an overview of possible accommodation in Oberaudorf and Kiefersfelden. The order of the advertisements is classified according to place, categories, classifications and size of advertisement and thus does not advertise the quality of the accommodation. The entry is voluntary so there may be different hosts who are not listed here. You can find out about accommodation available for a certain period either from the respective Kaiser Reich Information centres or from the hosts directly. You can also search for accommodation and sometimes book directly online via


This list is to provide information and improve turnover. A rental agreement or a contract for accommodation is concluded between you and the host. Any errors or non-fulfilled services do not grant the right to any compensation from the creator of this brochure. All entries are based on the information provided by the individual hosts. The host is responsible for the content of all photos and texts. Verbal agreements only come into effect once they have been confirmed in writing by the accommodation host. All rights reserved to correct errors as well as printing and arithmetic errors.

Prices for rooms

The prices quoted per room are valid per person for a stay of 3 days. The final price includes the overnight stay, breakfast, additional fees such as taxes, final cleaning, electricity, heating and the local administration fee. The local administration fee varies in the respective local communities sometimes even within the communities.

Prices for holiday apartments

The prices quoted for holiday apartments are based on 1 week with 2 people staying. The price for each additional person is quoted in the price box. If this isn't the case then the price is still valid for more than 2 people. The final price includes overnight stay, additional costs such as taxes, final cleaning, electricity, heating, bed linen, towels and the local administration fee. The price for the local administration fee varies in the respective local communities and may even vary within the local community itself.


According to the Bavarian registration law you have to register with the Kaiser-Reich Information office within 24 hours of arrival using the compulsory registration form. Your host can also do this for you.

Travel cancellation costs insurance

Insure yourself against unforeseen events or circumstances. To protect yourself from financial losses or wealth disadvantages in such a case travel insurance covering cancellation costs offers you comprehensive cover. You can obtain a form either from your accommodation host or from the Kaiser-Reich Information offices in the local communities.

Unless agreed otherwise between yourself and the accommodation host the whole price should be paid directly to the accommodation host on your arrival.

Cancellation fees

In the case of cancellation, the following cancellation fees are due:

Until 45 days before your arrival: no costs

Between 44 days and 30 days before your arrival date: 20% of the booking amount

Between 29 and 22 days before the arrival date: 25% of the booking amount

Between 21 and 15 days before your arrival: 35% of the booking amount

Between 14 and 8 days before your arrival: 50% of the booking amount

Between 7 days and 1 day before your arrival: 65% of the booking amount

On the day of arrival, no show, or premature termination of the stay: 80 % of the booking amount

All rights reserved for errors, omissions and changes.